‘I have bought several pieces from the mimi g collection both as special gifts for friends and for myself - I simply couldn't part with all my purchases! Every piece is exquisite, they all have the highest quality finish, and the quotes make them wonderfully personal and poetic. Truly beautiful and unique jewellery that you won't find anywhere else. These are ideal presents for loved ones, and I for one am in love with them...’ Remona Aly

  ‘mimi g! Beautiful and very chic jewellery! Love it... I have so many pieces and they never fail to disappoint.’ Natasha Murray

'The bracelet and necklace are goooorrrgeous! Never got soo many compliments! Thank you! Lovely colours and high quality, creative designs'. Sam Roberts

 ‘mimi g collections are simple and amazing, beautiful and timeless pieces. You cannot find jewellery with such quality and value anymore.’ Marwa Romany

 ‘mimi g, your product is great! The added bonus for me is each piece has a meaning, be it poetic or an ode to the past, which is what I look for in my jewellery choice. The quality is great and the service, super. Only problem for me is that I want it all!’ Zena Mendes 

 ‘Im in love with the charms collection! The designs are all hand-made and each charm has a unique edge to them, as they are all designed individually. I have had items customised. I feel truly pampered when I wear my mimi g piece!’ Sara Francis

  ‘I ordered a fuchsia agate beaded bracelet with gold-plated poetry verse motif from mimi g. It’s such a beautiful stand out piece, and fits amazingly on my wrist. The poetry is beautiful, and I adore the bright colours of the beads. I wear it all the time and always receive compliments on it!’ Iman Salih

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