Luscious limes and lullaby lilacs, hearts and lovebirds, hamsa kaff, agates, jades, sparkle and shimmer, evil eyes, you and me, dramatically daring, charming charms, midnight blues and sunset oranges, beautifully bespoke, Arabic calligraphy, trinkets and bracelets and pendants and chokers, wooings and woeings, sweet nothings and rings, sensual and soulful, aquamarine and onyx, shiny silvers and matte golds, fuchsias and pearls..
.. Welcome to the world of Miss mimi g!

These are but a few of the magical enchantments of mimi g’s world. 

I, ‘Miss mimi g’, have grown up with a fascination for any fabulous antiquity and adornment, plush fabric embellishment, moving words and dramatic statements. I have vivid memories of playing ‘dress up’ in my fashion designer aunt’s finest regalia and posing for ‘Vogue-esque’ editorial shots in front of family and friends. With a passion for fashion illustration from a young age, I drew and drew, refining my drawing technique. I later studied fashion design courses at London College of Fashion, and worked as a fashion editor at a lifestyle magazine. This later took me onto the world of fashion PR. But, my true calling to jewellery design came about when I was given a gift from a close friend, which was a unique and very ‘me’ charm trinket. This was the heart of the inspiration behind it all. Right then, I knew that I wanted to be taken to the mesmerising world of crystal beads, glistening gemstones and breathtaking poetry.... that is, the world of mimi g!

 Coming from a background of artists, poets, sculptors and designers, I take great pride in my family heritage, as well as my Iraqi artistic cultural tradition. With such magnificently renowned poets such as the likes of Al Sayyab and Imru’ Al Qais whose works have become my inspiration, in addition to the mystics like Rumi and Hafez, to the works of their contemporaries as with Nizar Qabbani and Khalil Gibran

By carefully selecting words from the greats and using them as the basis for my pieces, I have created a range of adornments, ranging from a mix of love-struck verses with boldly bright pieces, to more ethereal odes and delicate creations. Each piece has been individually designed and created with great thought and care to entice the senses and awaken the imagination, be it of adoration, inspiration, contemplation or sheer elation. 

mimi g pieces have an enchanting aura of their own. Carefully chosen beads and stones of the highest calibre are teamed with poetic verses that embrace one another to make their owner feel their enchanting power through their healing properties and magnetic beauty, so they too are instantly drawn into the world of mimi g. 
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