mimi g is a London-based jewellery designer. mimi g aspires to create signature contemporary pieces with an Eastern allure. Each hand-crafted exclusive piece is either oxidised sterling silver, platinum coated sterling silver, silver-plated or gold–plated, and uses the finest freshwater pearl, semi-precious stones, crystals and beading. 

mimi g is based on timelessly elegant charms influenced by Arab heritage, nature, folklore, nostalgia, poetry and theology. The collections are also inspired by romance, nobility and defiance from a bygone era portraying beautifully scripted poetic verses from great Arab poets, as well as uplifting and liberating quotes inspired by divine love poetry from the great Sufi mystic masters.

Whether it is classic and chic or quirky and quaint that you are looking for, mimi g has the perfect piece for you.

Bespoke pieces are available upon request.

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